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Application Modernization Assessment

Motifworks modernized application on Azure for a property casualty insurer

Industry: Insurance Services

Emp Size: 4,500+

Founded:  2001

Headquarters: Morristown, New Jersey

A market-leading commercial property casualty insurer, headquartered in New Jersey, wished to transform their on-premise IT environment into a cloud-native environment by consolidating existing data centers and modernizing applications. They wanted to migrate specific workloads on Azure and modernize certain applications by first performing application modernization assessment.

To achieve these goals, the insurer was looking for a technology partner that is specialized in carrying out Azure Foundations Assessment, Cloud Economic Solution Assessment, and Azure Migration Engagement. The insurer also wanted to establish PaaS Compatibility/Readiness of their in-house developed business reporting system and migrate it on a container-based platform through an Application Modernization Assessment.

The technology partner was expected to define, develop, and deliver an actionable roadmap for migrating their applications on cloud including workload prioritization, cost analysis, and business case to identify optimal workloads for migration planning. 

Our Solution: Application Modernization Assessment for smooth migration on Azure

Motifworks was chosen by the insurer as an ideal technology partner to perform Azure application modernization assessment and establish an enterprise cloud migration and modernization roadmap for their core business applications. This plan included deployment of applications through a right approach to reduce data center footprint.

Motifworks’ team entered into the discussions with the insurer’s core IT team to offer them Azure Financial services and carry out analysis of a critical business unit within their data center and help them plan a migration. An Azure Foundations Assessment was performed by Motifworks’ team which promptly gave them a holistic view of their data center assets. Based on the assessment, both the teams were able to design an actionable migration plan that included workload prioritization and cost projections.

Technology Approach

Azure Foundations Assessment

App Modernization/PaaS Compatibility Assessment

Azure Kubernetes

Azure PostgreSQL

After successfully developing and implementing the migration plan, Motifworks’ team were further aligned with the insurer’s application development team. The insurer’s CIO and VP began exchanging dialogues with Motifworks to modernize their in-house developed reporting tool through an (Most Valuable Professional) MVP.

The reporting tool that gives the insurer the ability to process information and create actionable reports. Once in every quarter, the insurer used to generate reports for internal purposes and decision making. The processing time taken by the tool to generate a report was 10 hours because it was running on a relatively old architecture.

Therefore, Motifworks’ MVP was tasked with performing PaaS compatibility and readiness assessment, architecting a framework in Azure, and conduct sessions to seamless plan the migration.

The reporting tool was successfully migrated to a container-based microservices platform on Azure, as this new shift dramatically brought down the report generation time from 10 hours to merely 8 minutes. Today, the insurer can generate business reports on regular basis and gain timely insights to improve business performance.

Essence of this Partnership:

Our expertise helped the insurer build a modern and digital application environment

After successfully performing application modernization assessment, we built a compliant and agile application on Azure which is now helping the insurer gain unified view of their customers’ information. Motifworks’ experience in serving the finance industry encouraging the insurer to work together on future projects by leveraging Azure. After successful implementations and executions of 2 projects, the insurer is thrilled to work with Motifworks on various other projects which they have lined up in 2022 and beyond.


Property casualty insurer is experiencing scalability, security, and cost-efficiency

50x performance and scalability using Azure Kubernetes

Now processing 33K transactions in 8 minutes compared to preceding 10 hours

Enhanced operational resilience & security

Increased workforce productivity

Reduced operational

Reduced time-to-

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