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Fuel supply and logistics company

Motifworks and Atlas Oil: A Partnership Working Towards Making Businesses ‘StormProof’


The ability to have uninterrupted power during hurricanes, storms, and other such natural disasters is essential for mission-critical and essential services like hospitals, data centers, and banking operations, among others. It is a complex process that involves fueling assets, drivers, and mobile tanks sourced from multiple places around the country, leveraging the nationwide logistics network. Being able to track vehicles and fuel inventory real-time 24x7 and support multiple variations and exceptions to the default process is the key to fortify such operations seamlessly.
Atlas oil company about motifworks
Atlas Oil is one of the largest fuel distributors in the country, delivering over 1 billion gallons of fuel annually to customers in 49 states. They offer single-source solutions for fuel, transportation, and logistics. They have an active real estate division and are engaged in transportation logistics and fueling including bulk, fleet, event, onsite, emergency response, marine, and oil field services.

Business Challenges

We are on a digital journey as a company. We wanted to become a digital energy solution provider and we knew we couldn’t do it alone, so we turned to Motifworks to help us achieve our goals.

– Bob Kenyon, Former President, Atlas Oil 

  • Unpredictable weather and storms create immense problems for mission-critical (Hospitals, data centers, emergency services, etc.) businesses that need to function despite power outages caused by natural disasters.
  • Atlas Oil was struggling with its current transportation management systems and effectively manage the variability of the customers service model that leverages the trucking network combined with third parties.
  • They were also finding it difficult to track their fuel truck drivers, and address challenges like difficulties with understanding important information such as travel location, fuel availability, and transport options.
  • The Client wanted to leverage new technology and innovation to provide better support for their customers.  
  • They also needed to find and contact local carriers that could perform the work necessary for their clients in need. The information they needed to access, and gather was crucial in providing the best possible service for their clients. 
  • Overall, Atlas Oil was looking to efficiently execute their emergency fuel services (EFS) and modernize their current fueling processes to better manage third party partners and to better serve their customers.

Motifworks Solutions - A Nimble and Efficient System to Maximize Efficiency, Accuracy, and Reliability

  • Atlas Oil needed to work with a partner who could deliver results quickly and efficiently. More importantly, they needed a partner who they could trust to understand the importance of EFS and execute the process quickly, efficiently, and effectively 
  • Through application modernization service, Motifworks experts built a cloud-native platform called ‘StormProof’ for Atlas Oil to help them better manage its emergency fueling services.  
  • The StormProof App is a digital solution built for fuel truck drivers who are part of Atlas Oil’s National Emergency Fueling Response Team.  
  • The application facilitates driver’s performance in their day-to-day fuel distribution activities. Architecture to support real-time operations and high performance was just one of the many challenges.  
  • The main features include real time geo-location tracking, live chat with the Atlas Logistics Coordinators (ECC), order processing, submitting transactions, and daily inventory check. 
  • StormProof also helps fuel truck drivers locate nearby carriers so they can track, update, and effectively manage third party carriers and partners. 
  • StormProof’ features a smart dashboard with real-time analytics, and delivery tracking across multiple sites, making it an extremely sophisticated application in its class. The dashboard also makes the order loading and processing feature extremely efficient and seamless as the entire workflow can be exercised right from the dashboard/map view. 
  • The Maps use Google API and records latitude and longitude of specific areas combined with satellite shots from Google to make sure the deliveries are done at the right location at the right time every single time. 

Motifworks has become a trusted partner of Atlas. They have put in the time and effort to learn our business and understand our goals. We can trust that they will solve our problems to create opportunities and create valued solutions. They are an idea machine that creates innovative solutions, and we know we can rely on them.

– Bob Kenyon, Former President, Atlas Oil 


With Motifworks’ solutions, Atlas Oil was able to effectively managed, monitor, and track all the necessary components of the fueling process, so they can stay true to their mission of saving lives and serving communities. 

Increased profitability by optimizing the use of drivers
Simplified back office processes such as data processing
Increased efficiency by 85%
Optimized operations, achieving 100% uptime
Increased transparency internally and externally
Improved Order to Cash Process by 93%