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At Motifworks, we are AZURESMART. We are one of the fastest-growing cloud solutions providers, specializing in Cloud Adoption, Application Innovation, and Effective Data Strategies. Our passion is to empower you to accelerate your digital transformation initiatives using the Microsoft Azure cloud. We’re here to simplify your path to explore what’s possible.

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Application Modernization Services on Azure

Reengineer and refactor legacy softwares to achieve greater agility. Containerize
and automate apps with cloud application modernization services

Modernize apps with Azure experts ➜

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Embark on Application Modernization Journey with AzureSmart Team

Legacy applications have been at the core of business-critical functions for many years now. Organizations still using legacy apps have incurred heavy IT costs and are not able to keep up with fast-paced business demands. But CTOs are now finding it difficult to operate with the same legacy environment and are turning their attention to cloud platforms and advanced technologies. Working with an IT landscape that is responsive and resilient is something all IT leaders are looking to modernize. Application modernization services by Motifworks helps enterprises build future-ready apps on Azure and deliver digital customer experiences with our agile modernization approaches. With adoption of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Internet of Things (IoT), enterprises can develop innovative and competitive applications with our Azure experts.


Containers can help you bring your existing applications into the modern world. With Microservices on Azure, build applications that are independently deployable and resilient, which speedily helps you meet your business objectives.

Digital Decoupling

Enterprises with legacy systems can now respond faster to business demands like their peers on cloud by applying Digital Decoupling in IT landscape. Implementing modern technologies over legacy IT enables organizations to build scalable and resilient architecture.


Make your Continuous Delivery more reliable using Azure’s end-to-end capabilities and DevOps engineers. We implement DevSecOps in your organization’s software development lifecycles which is a best practice to securely deploy and develop on Azure

Industry leaders have chosen Motifworks application modernization services

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ANA Enterprise

We decided to work with Motifworks for a couple of reasons. First was reputation. The second was how quickly they were able to understand what we wanted to accomplish and what our vision was. But most importantly, we saw how quickly they could add value to our process.

– Jeffrey Adkins, Manager of Enterprise Application Development

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Atlas oil company about motifworks

"Motifworks has become a trusted partner of Atlas. They have put in the time and effort to learn our business and understand our goals. We can trust that they will solve our problems to create opportunities and create valued solutions. They are an idea machine that creates innovative solutions, and we know we can rely on them."

– Bob Kenyon, Former President, of Atlas Oil


Other leading enterprises simplified their application modernization journey

Medical transportation client using DevOps

Leader in Medical Transportation

Centralized Employee API Gateway using Azure iPaaS ​

  • Enterprise cloud governance to ensure control and security
  • Modernize custom APIs using Azure Functions
  • Leverage API Management service to create a digital integration platform, manage and secure APIs
  • Implement Logic Apps & Service Bus to subscribe & publish Workday notifications
  • Custom connector to integrate internal apps and Power Apps with Employee API gateway
  • End-to-end DevOps implementation including CI/CD
IT solutions providers using Site Reliability Engineering

Innovators of IT Solutions

Implemented automation and advanced processes to reduce costs on Azure​​

  • 30% reduction in overall Database/Reports deployment time​​
  • Stable operating environments​
  • Provision new environments in few hours and deploy new features on demand​
  • Increase in productivity by automating deployments​
  • Improved development, testing and deployment Quality
  • Increase coverage of automated tests across all systems including internal development
Property Casualty Insurer using GitOps & DevSecOps

Leading Property Casualty Insurer

Migrated on Azure and modernized their in-house developed applications​​

  • Executed multiple assessments and evaluated workload readiness to migrate and modernize existing applications from on-prem environment to cloud​
  • Motifworks assessed current IT environment and developed a migration roadmap and application modernization blueprint​
  • Provision new environments in few hours and deploy new features on demand​
  • Modernized their in-house reporting tool using Kubernetes
  • Reporting tool is offering timely business insights and is processing 33k transactions in 8 minutes compared to preceding 10 hours

AzureSmart Breeze – A Platform to Build Digital Applications

Comprehensive framework to build cloud-native applications with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Kubernetes consulting. It is a
scalable platform and includes pre-built components to develop custom applications faster.​

Modernize core insurance systems on a pre-built framework and integrated components that reduces your time-to-market by months. Increase performance of your financial risk modeling by modernizing it with AKS, and reimagine key processes to launch products in markets faster.

  • Proven, pre-built framework and components to deploy a secure & scalable microservices architecture in weeks
  • Pre-built abstractions and components significantly cut down on technical debt
  • Automated deployment of all components using DevOps on Azure cloud platform
  • Includes features like API Engine, Workflow Engine, and Recommendation Engine
AKS AzureSmart Breeze architecture

Deliver Innovative experiences with Application Modernization Service Portfolio

Motifworks has extensive experience in working with enterprises as our experts have modernized their legacy application code and infrastructure through app modernization services. There are wide range of services and technologies that can be integrated to build a compelling application that is scalable and cost effective. We enable organizations to re-engineer their legacy softwares into cloud-native applications on our innovative architecture.

Modern User


Digital Integration

DevOps &

Apps ​

NLP, Voice UI &
Chatbots ​

RPA & Test

Blockchain & Payment Technologie​s

Trusted by Enterprises


How to choose the right application modernization strategy for legacy applications?

Organizations first need to identify their business goals which can be met by an application modernization initiative. Some considerations before modernizing apps include meeting IT compliances, eliminating obsolete systems, reducing CAPEX investments, data governance, etc. Application modernization strategy includes and allows organizations to rehost, rearchitect, rebuild, refactor, and replatform outdated systems. Additionally, it is also important to choose an expert cloud service provider that can execute app modernization strategy by developing roadmap and implementation plan.

How to modernize applications with containerization technology?

Containers allow developers to package their applications with binary files, libraries, systems tools, etc. With this, developers can containerize their applications in a portable and scalable software environment. Docker is a widely used opensource framework to build, run, and manage containerized applications. Containerized applications are managed and orchestrated through Kubernetes which is an open-source platform as well.

How can my organization benefit through application modernization on Azure?

Microsoft Azure is an innovative cloud platform which offers organizations all the tools and services to modernize applications customized for their business needs. Cutting-edge cloud-native solutions and application modernization services allow organizations to transform their legacy applications and tailor them as per requirements. With AI and ML capabilities, developers can create world-class applications that are scalable, secure, and cost-effective.

Are there any security implications while modernizing applications on cloud?

Legacy applications are prone to cyberattacks due to their weak security posture and thus, application modernization is one approach which organizations can take to address this issue. Azure offers a secure infrastructure to build modern apps and offers various monitoring tools which automatically informs of a security threat to take timely action. There are security trust models and various governance programs which safeguards an organizations application modernization activities on Azure.