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Azure synapse analytics on dashboard for insights

Explore How Azure Synapse Analytics Works in Synergy with Power BI in the Data Analytics Scenario

Explore How Azure Synapse Analytics Works in Synergy with Power BI in the Data Analytics Scenario

Azure synapse analytics on dashboard for insights

In a world where data plays an important role in delivering great customer experience, the modern-day Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) use best platforms and tools to analyze their business-critical data for enhanced decision-making. CTOs can improve the value of structure data (application data) by integrating it with unstructured data which is generated through variety of sources for Big Data analysis.

Businesses are sitting on vast pools of data and continuously generate more, which requires systematic mining to gain business intelligence and competitive advantage. A good centralized repository such as a database helps businesses extract organized data to improve their services as their priorities and objectives change.

Today, more and more enterprises are choosing Cloud-based databases due to major factors such as compute capabilities, management, and cost. Like any technology running on Cloud, databases running on Cloud are scalable, secure, and offers high-speed functionality and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Global and leading Cloud Service Providers (CPSs) such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google, offer their own databases such as Microsoft’s Azure Synapse Analytics, Google’s Big Query, and Cloud Relational Databases by Amazon Web Services (AWS). One of these databases is an innovative platform which promises to fill the gap between data warehouses and data lakes.

Azure Synapse Analytics Makes it Possible

A comparatively recent launch of Microsoft’s Azure Synapse Analytics has got CTOs excited due to its holistic and unified approach that allows integration of various isolated functions. A limitless analytics service provided by Azure Synapse brings together data ingestion, storage, processing, data lake, data warehousing, and business intelligence on a single platform. This gives enterprises the ability to manage and use the data for  business intelligence purposes, and also empowers IT heads to bring down their IT expenditure and receive optimum performance

Being a Cloud-native platform, Azure Synapse possess the ability to integrate other Cloud-based services such as Power BI, Azure Machine Learning, and Azure Data storage.CTOs are leveraging such a unified platform to structure their data, create data sets, and utilize that data on Azure Synapse.

Discover Data to do More

Till now it has been challenging to take business decisions because there was not a single platform that brings together data warehouse and data lakes. With Azure Synapse, enterprises can query data using data warehouse with SQL pools and Serverless queries on data lake.

Business users can visualize the data and generate actionable insights, Power BI is the business analytics solution which can be used by them in several different ways. Power BI can be easily linked to Azure Synapse workspace to create data sets in the Synapse workspace. This capability allows developers to get data and edit Power BI reports in the Azure Synapse Analytics workspace.

Azure synapse Power BI

Image Source: Microsoft

Reduce Time and Enhance Productivity

Business analysts can visualize their data which means they can generate reports and view data on dashboards that contain rich business insights in the Azure Synapse workspace. Data stored in Azure Synapse is organized, modeled, cleansed, and certified in a centralized location and is approved by the data owners and stewards. It can be leveraged by business users in Power BI to generate reports from the same centralized location

Organizations are adopting Azure synapse power BI for its end user capabilities such as creating data mashups by combining and cleansing data, visualization, machine learning features, and generating actionable insights. Power BI delivers faster time to market and a reduced cost. Users can efficiently collaborate and share data across their organization without compromising on productivity. Power BI executes multiple queries by concurrent users simultaneously which enhances response time. Data engineers can set security roles in the data models which can allow and disallow users the access of datasets and applications.

What Motifworks can do for the Enterprises

There is so much more that can be leveraged by CTOs through Azure Synapse Power BI. When combined, this platform provides a modern and inventive approach towards data analytics. Various projects in an enterprise can make use of this platform and experience enhanced capabilities with reduced management costs. Business transformation catalysts such as Motifworks, help aspiring organizations to embark on a digital journey through Consultation and migration services to Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Being a Gold Partner of Microsoft, professionals at Motifworks deeply assess an enterprise’s existing technology landscape to suggest the right course of action. The  Data and AI offerings by Motifworks include Data platform solutions, migration of On-premises data warehouses to Azure Cloud, designing custom solution for Azure Synapse and Power BI Consulting services, and retail analytics data platform. CTOs that have prioritized adoption of modern, scalable and AI-driven platforms on Azure Cloud do not need to look further than Motifworks. Motifworks is a trusted Microsoft Power BI partner and is specialized in shaping an organization’s transformation journey on Azure Cloud.


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VP- Cloud Solutions

Known as a Data Analytics thought leader who fuels data-driven transformations for Fortune 500 firms, Tarun’s passion is to tell the “story” of the data that is hidden in an enterprise’s data assets. He does this flawlessly by leveraging Big Data, Machine Learning, AI, and cloud platforms. Tarun’s expertise lies in modernizing data platforms through cutting-edge technology solutions and at Motifworks, Tarun leads the Data & AI practice.

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