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Sudeep Mukherjee gets candid about becoming Delivery Manager at Motifworks

How being authentic can enable you to be successful at work

How being authentic can enable you to be successful at work

Sudeep Mukherjee gets candid about becoming Delivery Manager at Motifworks

The success of an organization lies in the hands of its people. That said, people are made from their experiences, unlearning and relearning things that keeps them inspired and active. Penetrating through the never-ending circle of experience, lessons learned and achievements, here’s Sudeep getting candid with us about his career, personals goals and taking life one moment at a time.

Meet Sudeep Mukherjee, our now Delivery Manager who joined Motifworks back in 2019, and since then has only seen great times ahead.

From excelling in his work at a multinational company for 15 years, to mentoring people and successfully delivering phenomenal results in Motifworks, Sudeep is all about looking at the future.

When you ask him what’s the best thing he enjoys at work, without missing a beat he replies, “Getting on a complex customer call, because that’s a great learning opportunity to learn. That’s when the customer will be most genuine and express his requirements, his pain points and his expectations without even asking.”

The Learning Curve: Opportunities, Contribution and Right Timing

The core values of Motifworks are Trust, Flexibility, Passion, Agility and Diversity; and they act as the guiding principles behind every decision, every interaction, every association. Keeping everything transparent gives people a confidence in their teams, leaders, and eventually on themselves.

Sudeep mentions his early days and he was given a free hand at work. This enabled him to make changes wherever necessary – improving the processes, redefining different frameworks, eliminating redundant systems etc. By consistently working on new ways, openness to ideas, making everyone feel safe and heard, further impacted the projects positively.

He was able to amplify the project from just a mere 11-members to now a 40-member account. Thus, he always ensured, that he is doing right by the projects and the organization. Eventually things started falling in the right place.

“Back in 2019, I joined Motifworks as a scrum master. And now, here I am talking to you as Delivery Manager. That’s a big step up, which wouldn’t be possible anywhere other Motifworks. When you look at the vision of the organization, and align yourself with it, you will always find ways to level up.”

Continuing to Excel

Employee Story Sudeep Mukherjee Away from his desk, Sudeep enjoys travelling to places, spending quality time and playing with his golden pupper. But when you ask him what makes him most proud at work, he has lots to share.

Recollecting some of his past experiences, Sudeep opens about the way his leaders bestow that trust even to this day. Be it meetings or long email chains, when they see Sudeep is involved, everyone knows things are on track.

Building his way to gaining this confidence from everyone here, be it his junior team member or someone he’s just interacted with a few times, Sudeep feels exhilarated to have that sense of camaraderie.

“I didn’t just choose to join Motifworks because of the nature of my profile, but my initial interactions with leadership team & people around made me realize how everyone trusts each other. And that’s something you will want to have when working together.”

Being proud about what he’s accomplished and where he is going towards, Sudeep believes there’s still a lot to learn. And the path to learning is keeping an open mind, believing in yourself and success is just round the next project.