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At Motifworks, we are AZURESMART. We are one of the fastest-growing cloud solutions providers, specializing in Cloud Adoption, Application Innovation, and Effective Data Strategies. Our passion is to empower you to accelerate your digital transformation initiatives using the Microsoft Azure cloud. We’re here to simplify your path to explore what’s possible.

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Big Data Consulting Services

Achieve faster BIG Data ROI through proven, reliable, and efficient Big Data strategy consulting

Comprehensive Big Data Consulting & Implementation Services

Today, success of an organization depends on how well they utilize their data to unearth valuable insights and utilize it for discission making purposes. CTOs have made huge investments in developing data ecosystems on on-premises or on cloud which collects, stores, and processes data. As massive or big data is generated by organizations, they look at advanced solutions that can help them leverage their data to make tangible improvements in business and processes. Big data consulting firms such as Motifworks help organizations by examining their vast amounts of data and finding new opportunities that lies within data. Our Azure experts review an organization’s existing data landscape to understand the current state of data sources, data pipelines, and data streaming solutions. Motifworks carries out data engineering activities to clean and transform data that needs to be utilized for developing new data models. With the right consultation on implementing suitable Azure solutions, organizations take a unified approach to manage their enterprise data on Microsoft Azure.

Data Ingestion

Extract information from disparate sources to uncover insights hidden in your data and use them for business advantage. Whether in real-time, in batches, or a combination of both – leverage the best architecture, depending on the business requirement with Big Data consulting

Data Pipeline

Move your data efficiently from one location to another and turn them into actionable information as quickly as possible. Big Data consultants help you leverage custom-built architecture designed to capture, organize, and dispatch data used for accurate, reliable insights.

Data Storage

Handle large volume of data and continue to scale to keep up with growth. Gain flexibility and control over different data models that support both structured and unstructured data, and only work with encrypted data for privacy protection.

Advance Analytics

Derive the most relevant insights from your data with customized, interactive, and self-service dashboards and real-time visualization of data streams. Also, automate decision-making with custom Artificial Intelligence solutions for your organization.

Customer Success Stories


World’s leading electrical equipment manufacturer

Improved business decision-making and increased productivity with a dynamic product reporting and analytical system. The solution enabled information at every level, for accurate business forecasting.

Law firm

US-based full-service collection law firm

Reduced Opex cost for Hadoop and associated infrastructure by 25% by migrating Hadoop platform to Azure HDInsight. Azure Services made it easy, fast, and cost-effective to process massive amounts of data.

Big Data analytics consulting services to build custom solutions

Microsoft Azure offers multiple data, AI, and analytics services so that organizations can transform their data and utilize it to extract valuable information. Turning meaningless datasets into actionable insights with the help of robust services allows an organization to make data-driven business decisions. Motifworks is a big data consulting company
that works with customers to build tailored and intelligent big data solutions on Azure.

Big data consultant using whiteboard
Big data consultant using whiteboard

Discover the data that works for you with Azure Data Explorer

Our Big Data consultants and team of Data Engineers, leverage Azure Data Explorer (ADX), a PaaS offering, to provide you with end-to-end data exploration. This helps you get right insights, faster for critical business decisions. Whether it is for streaming data, to identify patterns and outliers or to diagnose issues, our data ingestion tool will analyze large volumes of data from heterogeneous sources- all in real-time. Discover the most relevant data for your business with ADX, using its unique query language, optimized for high-performance data analytics. We leverage ADX’s feature to seamlessly handle ingestion, allowing you to query raw data, instead of simply collaborating all data in your lake.​

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Big data strategy and planning

Enable most secure and scalable way of data storage with Azure Data Lake​

We use Azure Data Lake to streamline all your storage needs, for structured, semi-structured or unstructured data, allowing your organization to quickly query, process, and store data. Its low-cost, tiered storage and high availability/disaster recovery capabilities make Azure Data Lake the most preferred tool for creating and running ETL and ELT processes.

Being a Big Data consulting company, we offer complete Azure Data Lake solution including storage capabilities, advance analytics, and cluster capabilities. Enterprises trust our solution to store their data in the most cost-effective, scalable, and secure way. When designing solutions with ADL, we consider availability requirements and how to deal with potential service outages.​ ​

Big data strategy and planning
Big data implementation plan
Big data implementation plan

Leverage Azure Data Factory for seamless data migration to Cloud

Our solutions let users define the data sets, create pipelines to transform the data, and map them with various destinations like databases or data warehouses using the ELT tool Azure Data Factory (ADF). Since this tool offers various built-in connectors, seamless data migration process is smooth, without writing complex algorithms or be skilled in Spark clustering or programming.

Our Big Data consulting services let users define the data sets, create pipelines to transform the data, and map them with various destinations like databases or data warehouses using the ELT tool Azure Data Factory (ADF). Since this tool offers various built-in connectors, seamless data migration process is smooth, without writing complex algorithms or be skilled in Spark clustering or programming.

With data engineering services approach, you can also monitor and manage your pipelines efficiently, using both programmatic and UI mechanisms. If you are looking to have a hybrid story with SQL Server and need Power BI consulting along with Azure SQL Database and Azure Blobs for Office 365, Data Factory is the tool for you.

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Big data analytics strategy

Get custom big data solutions with Azure HDInsight

If you are facing challenges like getting real-time data, storing unstructured data, lack of implementation skills, and poor integration of BI tools with Hadoop clusters, Microsoft Azure PaaS service, Azure HDInsight is exactly what you need.​​

Azure HDInsight enables users to process massive data using several open-source frameworks including Apache Hadoop. Our Big Data strategy consulting helps you leverage Azure HDInsight to process massive amounts of data and build custom big data solutions, helping you make informed decisions and improve customer experience. Moreover, to improve the usability and efficiency of managing and executing Hadoop jobs, we leverage Windows Azure Storage services in HDInsight.

Big data analytics strategy

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