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Motifworks Boost 2022 Back to the basics

Driving Innovation and Strategy: Motifworks Boost 2022

Fostering Innovative Leadership & Strategic Operations

Motifworks Boost 2022 Back to the basics

The global pandemic has become a force that has changed the way in which businesses operate, strategize and execute their operations. As the frequency of change and disruptions increases in the post-pandemic world, executive leaders are paving the way to build operational resilience and strengthen people and process capabilities for fostering cross-functional bridges.

Empowering this constantly evolving ethos of change and disruption, our leadership team decided to pause the virtual meetings and bond together through a physical meet-up on April 28, at the Della Resort, Lonavala.

The Motifworks Leadership Cohort:

The Boost 2022 is the brainchild of our COO, Vikas Agarwal who planned to bring together all our leadership executives under one roof and develop an interactive operational framework for the year ahead.

Propelled by our technological drive and innovation mindset, our leadership team enjoyed a series of events that led to interactive and valuable leadership lessons throughout the day. From knowledge sharing to grooving over some dance moves, the team experienced a first-of-its-kind ‘Leadership Meet.’

Motifworks Fostering Innovative Leadership & Strategic Operations

By hosting a physical leadership event all the Motifworks senior leaders interacted together and raised the glass to share their insights on leading transformational change.  

Starting with an exceptional ice-breaking session that paved the way ahead, each session was centred around energizing and enabling leaders to act & create an agency of partnership for smoother working.

Talking about the activities, Vikas Agarwal, COO, Motifworks Inc. exclaims, “Many members of the team were meeting each other for the first time. As much as we wanted to achieve camaraderie and collaboration, we also wanted to push them to think strategically and be more diversity aware.

Vikas Agarwal
Fostering Innovative Leadership & Strategic Operations Story

Closely related to the way we operate internally, all the sessions focused on the four pillars of Operational Excellence —

Gross Margin Growth
Customer Satisfaction
Top Line Growth
Employee Satisfaction

The event dissected the strategic complexities in enabling the organisation’s ‘true north’ and identifying the opportunities that lie ahead for embracing meaningful work environment.

“Meeting everyone personally after three straight years was amazing. BOOST 2022 experience was full of bonding with new and existing team members, great learning and lots of fun.

The past two years of disruption and uncertainty have made our team more resilient. It taught us that we could continue to deliver our services with excellence and go beyond to deliver new, innovative solutions for our customers. Getting together with the leadership team allowed us to reflect on our Overall success and growth.

We have an opportunity to serve our customers on their cloud and innovation journey and to achieve our growth. We identified five key areas that can unlock the most significant value for our customers as they digitally transform and better engage with our employees in the new remote and distributed way of working”

Nitin Agarwal - Founder & CEO - Motifworks

Nitin Agarwal

Founder and CEO

Creating an Impact through Respect, Camaraderie and
Cross-functional empowerment

As leaders see new opportunities and create a healthy environment, our Leadership Meet at Della experienced the beginning of the growth of Technological Innovation embracing the power of inclusivity favouring individuality in its true sense.

Moving ahead, our leaders also participated in the hard-core obstacle courses and unique team bonding exercises to discover the perspective of mutual independence coupled with cross-functional enablement. This led to bringing in novel ideas through which we can accomplish organizational growth and renewal which was further discussed.

Boost Story

“It was great to meet everyone in-person and the BOOST 2022 really became a beacon of unique ideas. Within a day we uncovered different perspectives to ‘One for all, all for one’. It was definitely an interesting activity. Everything was thoughtfully planned to mix work and pleasure together.”

Seema Joshi, Manager – Delivery​​​​​​, Motifworks

Seema Joshi

Delivery Manager

Since the moral and business imperative for leaders, today is to focus on what really matters: action at the speed and scale, Motifworks is graciously enabling these attributes in our own way. So, as the world progresses towards an actionable technology-driven atmosphere, Motifworks along with its team of powerhouses is all set to help shape a remarkably surer perspective of strategic operational direction.