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Employees using retail analytics software

Adopting cloud computing in retail industry to develop cloud-based solution for real-time insights

Adopting cloud computing in retail industry to generate real-time insights

Employees using retail analytics software

Industry: Retail Software

Skillset: Software and App Development

Revenue: $4M

Headquarters: Sewell, NJ​

About the customer

A US-based retail and software technology solutions company was looking to adopt cloud computing in retail to develop a series of B2B websites and applications, so their clients could remain relevant and competitive amid dynamically competitive markets. They were aiming for enlarged sales and improved profit margins for their customers. With a focus on customer satisfaction, the company wanted to improve the overall experience for its customers using a scalable application. Additionally, the company needed a trusted partner to assist in the development of easy to use, ecommerce websites for their clients. Motifworks’ team of seasoned and skilled app and analytics experts helped the customer develop an application with data analytics consulting services.

Cloud computing in retail to achieve valued consumer insights

Our customer’s independent retailer clients were struggling to sustain competition in their respective markets, due to lack of knowledge about their immediate competition, pricing strategies, and marketing campaigns, among other key areas. A new product that would assist these retailers in information gathering and insights mining was thus critically required. The result had to be multiple actionable insights to help them achieve enhanced sales and increased revenue.

The company needed expert assistance during the launch of new products and services to scale exponentially and demonstrate 500% growth rate of development customers. The outcome that they were aiming for was increased sales eventually translating into a rise in sales of their clients. This would ensure their client’s successes, due to increased transparency within the industry.

Motifworks expertise in cloud computing in retail sector our development capabilities and engagement flexibility. Multiple ecommerce sites were to be developed, most of which would have similar functions but look completely different from each other. All this was supposed to be accomplished keeping in mind the time constraint.

Motifworks was chosen as a trusted partner and worked as an extension of the client’s team. We offered application modernization services to our customer to help them build desired websites and a unique application with analytics capabilities.

Cloud-based, Scalable Application to Gain Insights into Market Competition

A top-notch application was developed, with a tool that helps in relevant data and insights mining. With this app and tool combination, the client company enabled its customers to keep a check on their pricing and marketing strategies by comparing the same with their immediate competition. Having fully scalable application meant that the application would be able to handle all of the growth expected, while maintaining ease of use. This meant a faster product with lower costs.

The solution made it possible for users to arrive at real-time decisions faster than ever, about how to price and market their products.. It thereby unlocked a possibility for small-and medium-scale retailers to be as competitive as established big brands in their respective markets. This in turn would modernize the sales process for independent distributors that had previously struggled to remain relevant in ever-changing markets.

Through the adoption of cloud computing in retail sector, team Motifworks helped the company build 100+ multi-tenant ecommerce websites and provided dedicated development resources who ensured that the sites have maximum functions. Motifworks’ partnership approach towards the execution of solutions played a crucial role in shortening delivery time and assured optimum functioning of websites.

Processes and Technologies Utilized

Motifworks used scrapping tools and created their own scrapper(dataImport). They tracked their progress via Jira board and committed their codes into bitbucket. Motifworks followed agile processes in creating the application following daily scrum meetings and weekly retrospective meetings to ensure smooth running of the process from creating a story on Jira board to committing code with branch names. The entire process was closely monitored to keep conflicts at bay. Some of the technologies used included Laravel (PHP), MySQL, Opencart, Mozenda, docker, Kubernetes, Python, Jira, Bitbucket, SOLR, datadog, gtmetrix, proxysql, Jenkins, jQuery, CSS3/SCSS and Jmeter (Load testing).



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