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At Motifworks, we are AZURESMART. We are one of the fastest-growing cloud solutions providers, specializing in Cloud Adoption, Application Innovation, and Effective Data Strategies. Our passion is to empower you to accelerate your digital transformation initiatives using the Microsoft Azure cloud. We’re here to simplify your path to explore what’s possible.

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Migrate your on-premise infrastructure to cloud and operate in an agile and innovative environment

Modern Data Estate on Azure Unleashes True Power of Data & Analytics Platform

Modern Data Estate on Azure Unleashes True Power of Data & Analytics Platform

Migrate your on-premise infrastructure to cloud and operate in an agile and innovative environment

Enterprise data is delivering true value today as decision makers leverage data & intelligent insights to make informed business decisions. Vast amounts of data are continuously generated in a business environment which are stored in databases hosted on cloud or on-premises. But sometimes IT heads struggle with the task of extracting value from vast amounts of data that are accessible to them.

Pulling out actionable insights is seen as a complex task when an IT environment has legacy databases, lack of technical experts, and technologies which are difficult to integrate with legacy systems. And that is why modernization of data platform is very important for today’s business.

According to IDG, 91% of senior IT and business decision-makers believe that the flexibility to incorporate data from any source is vital to the strategic goals of their firm.

Banks and other financial institutions pay a steep price for using out-of-date decision support systems, limiting their capacity to provide value added and personalized services to their consumers. Legacy systems that are reaching their end of life are not only expensive to operate and maintain, but they also present several difficulties. As the volume and diversity of data grow tremendously, these systems cannot keep up with changing client expectations.

Data and platform modernization transforms businesses into data-driven organizations

To stay abreast of changing market conditions and make better business decisions, companies and IT executives may benefit from a modern data platform. Businesses gain a significant competitive edge by gaining valuable insights from their company data.

Modern data platform helps IT heads retain and extend the value of their legacy data systems and the information these systems hold. By architecting a modern data platform, reusing the existing data with high-velocity data assets gives decision makers limitless potential to process data and take effective decisions.

Organizations can develop optimal data experiences that give meaningful business insight, API-driven application connections and adapt to the real-time demands of a changing business environment by adopting a modernization strategy for data platform.

Benefits of modernizing data platform for business include:

  • Scaling up to keep up with the increasing demand for data analytics.
  • Incorporating new data sources to enable the use of information at any scale, with a particular emphasis on expanding data volumes and the integration of different data sources.
  • Making it easier to uncover value in data and evaluate events in real-time by reducing the amount of time it takes to get there.
  • Making data more accessible to all employees by centralizing data for all company functions in one location.

Leveraging Microsoft Azure to accelerate data-intensive business actions

A 2018 Forbes survey found that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created daily.

Data created at such a rapid rate is challenging to capture with current data infrastructure, much less handle in a timely manner. Being able to consume, evaluate, and utilize all relevant information efficiently is critical to being competitive in the digital world.

Adopting Microsoft Azure to modernize your data will help relieve these problems. Modern data lakes and data warehouses and advanced analytics can make use of Azure’s scalable, cost-effective, and adaptable cloud resources and technologies to acquire and analyse data at scale, regardless of volume, velocity, or diversity.

New data sources are integrated into businesses every day, making it increasingly challenging to stay up. It’s no secret that Azure’s cloud-based data warehouse solution delivers better performance at cheaper costs with more scalability, and this has made them the foundation for data modernization solutions.

  • Capacity – Big Data applications may use limitless amount of processing power available in a cloud architecture.
  • Flexibility – A key feature of Azure cloud infrastructure is the ability to scale up or down resources based on demand dynamically. This eliminates the need to submit requests for more resources manually. A pay-as-you-go model is also possible because of this adaptability.
  • Access to advanced tools – Azure provides data management modernization as a service, allowing enterprises to utilize the most up-to-date solutions without acquiring licensing.
  • Automation of data pipelines – Enabling high-performance, fully automated data pipelines is made possible by consolidating several information sources and processing them into one central cloud repository.
Tarun Agarwal, Team Motifworks

Tarun Agarwal Tarun Agarwal

VP- Cloud Solutions | Motifworks

Known as a Data Analytics thought leader who fuels data-driven transformations for Fortune 500 firms, Tarun’s passion is to tell the “story” of the data that is hidden in an enterprise’s data assets. He does this flawlessly by leveraging Big Data, Machine Learning, AI, and cloud platforms. Tarun’s expertise lies in modernizing data platforms through cutting-edge technology solutions and at Motifworks, Tarun leads the Data & AI practice.

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