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Realize the Power of Data When Combined and Automated by Azure Purview

Realize the Power of Data When Combined and Automated by Azure Purview

Realize the Power of Data When Combined and Automated by Azure Purview

Data governance with Azure Purview
Data generated by an enterprise is usually scattered across departments which is stored in various systems, and are not necessarily connected to a primary data source. As data grows at exponential rate because of various processes that continuously generate data, it has now gotten important more than ever to systematically manage that data with Azure Purview.

There is so much enterprises can achieve through the data they generate as it can help them gain competitive advantage through data and trend analysis. By leveraging quality data, data citizens can understand the customers better and shape the delivery of services to offer better customer service.

Many a times and in most of the enterprises, storage systems and databases are disparate which turns expensive in terms of investment of a Chief Technology Officer’s (CTO’s) IT budget, resources, and time. IT heads and CTOs should have a data governance strategy that will help them avoid such scenarios and utilize the data at their disposal effectively.

Unifying the fragmented data through an analytics platform ties data repositories together and creates a single central view for quick business actions. Enterprises should look for data governance service such as Azure Purview which can bring all their data together from various data sources and empower them to make accurate and confident data-driven decisions.

How can enterprises get started with Azure Purview?

This latest data governance service that helps enterprises discover, track, catalog, and manage through its Data Mapping, Data Catalog, and Data Lineage features. Purview is a unified data governance service which brings all these capabilities together, and allows management of data from SaaS, On-premise and multi-cloud environment.

With so much data available, generated by machines, transactions and it being housed in different systems, data citizens have a tough time combining and analyzing the data which might even at times lead to inaccurate analysis. Hence, to improve data management and gain better visibility into what sense the existing data can make, a data governance service is exactly what an enterprise should go for.

Offering data governance and catalog service, this service has the ability to automate discovery of data and cataloging of data meaning, it details and structures the inventory of all the data assets. Ideally, an enterprise first creates an inventory of data assets so that they can govern the data and accuracy of it as per their business’ standard requirements.
Azure data governance with Azure Purview

Image Source: Microsoft Tech Community 

By merging hybrid environments, Purview creates up-to-date map of an enterprise’s data and enables them to effectively govern their data by creating knowledge graphs of data coming from Azure SQL database, AWS S3 bucket or an on-premises SQL server. Modern enterprises can now reduce redundancies by creating a map of the data available with them by consolidating the data sources and avoiding duplication of data through a service such as Purview.

It offers another great feature to understand the source of data, where it came from, and what the data means, in the form of Data Lineage. Data lineage helps enterprises to understand and visualize the data supply chain which is done through linking it to Azure Data Factory. Collected from hybrid data storages, the data and related assets can be visualized on the data map when this service is connected with Azure Synapse workspaces and the Power BI environment.
Azure Purview public features

Image Source: Microsoft Tech Community

Linking Azure Purview and Power BI for better Azure data governance

From automating data discovery to data lineage identification, this service is a data professional’s best choice of tool to unify data for better data governance and management. With just a few clicks, Power BI can be setup which makes available the metadata of data assets across data sources. Linking them together offers easy discovery of trusted and accurate data. Data professionals can scan the Power BI environment in Azure Purview to see data lineage. A user can track the data journey of the data stored across all the Azure sources all the way down to the Power BI assets such as datasets, reports, and dashboards.

In essence, this service centralizes data that resides in various sources for enhanced Azure data governance by visualizing an enterprise’s entire data landscape in real-time. By helping data professionals map, categorize, and analyze the already existing data, Purview allows maximizing the value of a business by providing accurate insights.

See how Motifworks is helping data professionals govern their enterprise data on Purview

Being a Gold Partner of Microsoft, professionals at Motifworks deeply assess an enterprise’s existing technology landscape to suggest the right course of action. With deep expertise in handling Azure projects and helping enterprises transform digitally, Motifworks’ solutions are focused at solving the pain-points and enabling enterprises to meet their business goals on Azure.

When organizations start their data governance journey, Motifworks offers the right guidance and follows best solution deployment practices so that IT heads can easily meet their objectives. Motifworks has helped enterprises rediscover the value of their business data by showcasing the capabilities of Azure Purview in real-time by unifying the data located in multiple locations.

This has allowed enterprises to improve analytics collaboration and measure factors such as costs and functionalities that helps them achieve better and automated data discovery.


Tarun Agarwal Tarun Agarwal

VP- Cloud Solutions | Motifworks

Known as a Data Analytics thought leader who fuels data-driven transformations for Fortune 500 firms, Tarun’s passion is to tell the “story” of the data that is hidden in an enterprise’s data assets. He does this flawlessly by leveraging Big Data, Machine Learning, AI, and cloud platforms. Tarun’s expertise lies in modernizing data platforms through cutting-edge technology solutions and at Motifworks, Tarun leads the Data & AI practice.

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