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Data Platform Modernization

Why is data modernization crucial to seize untapped business opportunities

Why is data modernization crucial to seize untapped business opportunities

data platform modernization
Cloud and modern technologies have provided all organizations a level playing field when it comes to competing in the market through a digital edge. To achieve a competitive advantage, IT heads have made huge investments in upgrading, or rather modernizing their IT assets on cloud. But no digital transformation is complete without emphasizing on data modernization.

Enterprise data has today become one of the most important business assets due to its ability to transform a business when used accurately. To keep pace with changing business and market requirements, data and IT heads should prioritize moving their data assets on cloud and implement data management tools.

Choosing data platform modernization is not just about moving from legacy data architectures, but it is also about unlocking new data capabilities by integrating systems within an organization. It is a tectonic shift which introduces an organization to new practices, processes, and frameworks through which data can be leveraged in a faster, efficient, and secure ways.

But before embarking on the data modernization journey, business decision makers need to be completely sold on the idea of making more investments, changing their business strategy, and redefining their business objectives. Working with a cloud partner such as Motifworks can be beneficial for digitally ambitious organization due our deep capabilities in migrating data and data assets on Microsoft Azure.

Our data migration consultants have worked with numerous mid-sized and large enterprises to develop a data modernization strategy. We have carried out successful data migrations on Azure for data residing in on-premises servers, data centers, or in databases that are running on a cloud platform.

Motifworks develops a data modernization strategy to boost an organization’s data migration efforts. Beginning with an assessment of the customer’s existing data and IT environment, our team of Azure certified experts develop a roadmap that includes migration scope, integration of necessary technologies, and designing a target environment. Our proposed plan includes objectives to reduce overall costs, improve security, and integrate critical system to create an intelligent and frictionless data environment.

Our no-cost, no-obligation strategy session with Azure experts gives IT and data heads a convincing idea about our cloud and innovation capabilities and how we have previously helped our customers successfully drive a data modernization initiative. Motifworks is Microsoft’s Gold partner and is certified to develop data platforms, advanced analytics solutions, and deliver bespoke Business Intelligence (BI) services.

Data and Advanced Analytics Strategy Workshop

No Obligation. No Charge. Expert-led 3-Hour session that will help you innovate with data.