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At Motifworks, we are AZURESMART. We are one of the fastest-growing cloud solutions providers, specializing in Cloud Adoption, Application Innovation, and Effective Data Strategies. Our passion is to empower you to accelerate your digital transformation initiatives using the Microsoft Azure cloud. We’re here to simplify your path to explore what’s possible.

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How to encourage worklife harmony while staying true to company values

How to encourage worklife harmony while staying true to company values

Sumeet Gadade on Flexibility, Trust and Candour
“I remember when my cousins were passionate about the IT World, and I was just out of college figuring things out. But the way they used to work, the way they were always relaxed, I wanted that.”

With a slight chuckle, Sumeet laughs and says, well that was what a 16-years-old Sumeet would have answered. But since we are talking now, here’s my most candid response-

“The professional world our parents have seen, and the world it is today is very different. Now we can choose to have our personal life while we work. How else can you say to have a harmonious relationship with your work? And that’s possible by selecting an organisation that favours flexibility, supports your passion, and builds a growth culture.”

Meet Sumeet

Just out from his scrum call, Sumeet rushes to the desk with his evening cup of chai, while adjusting his web cam to have a candid conversation with us.

He recalls his early days when he was shadowing the then managers, Neeraj Pandey and Tushar Chawda. He explains about the product training sessions that were conducted, his keen interest in Angular JS, that gradually levelled up with today’s day-to-day activities.

Meet Sumeet Gadade

Sumeet states his passion for technology is what made him to being an avid contributor to the Azuresmart Team. From joining as an Associate Developer to becoming a DevOps Engineer now, he shares his love for technology blogs, completed project briefs, and finding the geekiest docu-series he can lay his hands on. Sumeet has worked on multiple projects ranging from service domain to retail analytics, and now onto a project from the FinTech.

Talking about what interests him about his role as a DevOps Engineer, Sumeet expresses, the trust and responsibility he is bestowed upon. The most significant part about the delivery is the user rights you need to think about. So, he constantly gets to put himself in the customers’ users’ shoes, and that’s commendable. While talking about it, he lights up and shares the degree of responsibility and the power of visualization he needs to possess. That’s something that drives him each day and which he can never get tired of.

When we asked him, what is his away from work hobby, he smiles and says, “Oh you will rarely find me away from my desk. When I am not working, I am either finding some DevOps tutorials to expand my knowledge, or catch up with friends sharing same interests. If not that, then maybe I am hogging up on platefuls of Vadapav (An indian delicacy… of potato patty submerged in a lather of dry chatni and fluffy baked bread, with a side of raw chillies). That’s my guilty pleasure.

Sumeet Gadade on Flexibility, Trust and Candour

Being in #mwtribelife for the past five years, Sumeet loves how everyone gives each other space, work, and otherwise. He says, “I have been a trainee, an associate, and an individual contributor too, but never has anyone been behind me to complete certain tasks or give them time-to-time reports. When I read about the Trust & candour we have as one of the key values as an organization, I know it’s true meaning from how everyone practices it. Always.”

Sumeet cherishes every memory he’s created in Motifworks, be it working on last-minute project deliverables to imagining having a superpower to read each others’ minds. (Well, that would be a cool superpower to have when working remotely across different cities, different time zones.)