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How to strengthen your professional traits with Growth and Opportunities

How to strengthen your professional traits with Growth and Opportunities

Get key lessons to develop growth mindset from Ajay Dhope, Technical Architect at Motifworks

This blog narrates a person’s journey about how you can transform possibilities within your professional capacity into opportunities and develop a GROWTH MINDSET.

From working in the tech industry, to exploring new avenues while getting to learn latest technologies, he has a great drive to accomplish more.

It wasn’t simply about earning different titles, or enriching his financial goals, or becoming an expert. His passion to learn new things, never-say-never attitude and showing up wherever needed says how one can explore new opportunities, embracing growth in true sense, no matter how.

Just as he is busy in mapping his schedule for the day, a small notification turns up on his desktop at the extreme right corner. Seemingly glancing at it, he clicks on the mail he’s received and immediately hits reply.

After some back and forth conversations over emails, Ajay gets ready for a candid chat about his career in Motifworks.

Getting Candid with Ajay

Meet Ajay, Technical Architect, who absolutely enjoys Indian food culture while getting accustomed to his new life in the US.

But more than the food, he loves working around technical challenges with a soft spot for analytical and logical thinking skills.

An excellent mathlete, Ajay has paved his career through his efforts and positive thinking.

Seeing the analytical capabilities, and logical thinking, Ajay was drawn towards the world of programming. He remembers how focused he used to be when drafting algorithms and codes. He adds, “You know there are people who like to meditate and think about their happy place. Back then, writing codes and algorithms was my happy place.”

Getting Candid with Ajay From his college days to now as a Technical Architect, he’s come a long way.

But the one thing has always remained with him, and that is always upskilling himself. Be it learning new technology or understanding the niche challenges of a particular industry or simply finding different ways to solve the most complex technical problems.

Ajay admires how this is true not just for an individual, but that’s what even Motifworks as a company also follows as a principle. From working on usual technologies to bringing in futuristic projects or more opportunities, even the organization strives hard for it.

Talking about the best part of his role, he shares, you need to get creative with your solutions. There will never be same challenges coming your way from different projects. They might be similar but never same. So, when you are deep in designing how a software should run, how a service needs to be effective without hampering the systems and keeping the efficiency high, what you really need is a creative way to design the right solution.

Empowering my personality with the right traits

A technical architect is someone who works towards building a bridge between technical and business aspects of an organization while ensuring the design and implementation of IT systems.

The role involves juggling a lot of responsibilities and having a right mix of knowledge, managerial skills, and, building relationships.

But, above all, what makes the person unique is what counts.

Ajay, with all his skills, experience and knowledge had one strong quality. And that’s what helped him move things in the right direction. His eagerness to try new things made him flexible. His never give up demeanour enabled him to solve complex challenges with ease and keep the team always motivated.

Each day he perfected his strengths to an extent that every chance became an opportunity for him and the organization.

Reminiscing his learning habit, Ajay is reminded of endless opportunities that widened his scope on working on different projects in Motifworks.
Going back to the memory lane, Ajay shares, “The best part of being in Motifworks is if you are willing to learn, you will always find people to help you out. Be it learning a new technology or getting new certifications. And here, people will always motivate you to go beyond your comfort zone.”

The Cultural Boon

The Cultural Boon or Cultural Shock? Ajay started with Motifworks back in 2018. From commuting to office to taking a pit-stop for a quick bite of vada pav, misal pav and street food was his usual routine. And while life was good, the universe had some bold plans for him.

Ajay, while enjoying his time in India, his personal life took an exponential overture to shifting to the U.S.

And from waking to the tropical sunrise in India to starting his day at 5 am, Ajay was more than exhilarated by this new life while continuing his journey in Motifworks.

So, from extending his work time to meeting the stakeholders spread across different time zones, Ajay is gradually setting up his routine like every other onshore person. Talking about this changed lifestyle Ajay mentions, “This isn’t something I would have imagined had you asked me a year before. But somehow, I am enjoying this routine. Now, I get the evening to myself, without compromising on my work or my family.”

Ajay is happy he got to experience this new change at his pace and build a professionally sharp personality that he has become today. He gets to experience a different way of life with his work family supporting him in every way.

Off late, he is busy making bucket list to try all the Indian cuisines he’s been missing in the US.