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Featured Image for blog - Ever imagined what it would be like joining a new workplace and still not joining one?

Envisioning New Workplace Experience Before Actually Joining

Ever imagined what it would be like joining a new workplace and still not joining one?

I had not spoken to my prospective employer for a while, but all it took was one call to know that I am joining the right place. The reassurance and truth with which my new employer spoke cemented my faith further. They had their calculations done, and these setbacks were not going to make them renege their offers. I was not a one-off case with half a dozen more joining after me bearing testimony to that fact.  

It was during the uncertain times due to COVID-19 that I decided to make a career switch and join Motifworks. Credit to my prior boss, who told me to check with Motifworks and confirm they would still be able to honor their offer! If not, I could stay back.  

The pandemic situation across the globe has blurred the definition of ‘workspace.’ Covid-19 has made companies test their DR readiness to sail through these trying times. Organizations have had to summon all their courage and strength to keep their offices afloat and ensure that the clients and operations don’t get impacted.

The New Normal

With the joining day in sight, the focus now shifted to the joining formalities. It was a very different kind of experience, for I was supposed to join an office without really stepping into office premises. I was not sure how the day would pan out with my first ever ‘virtual’ onboarding. This is not how I envisioned my first day at the new office.   

An organization is often said to be only as good as its people. My joining day began with the HR team helping with the joining formalities. It didn’t look any different from my usual joining apart from the fact that I was joining Motifworks from my home. While the IT team helped me with installations and introductions to critical processes on the day of my joining, they ensured the laptop got delivered to me a couple of days in advance.   

My first week was planned well with virtual meetings with different teams and was later looped into a couple of meetings for more introductions.   

The introduction to my team was already planned a day prior. One of the key things that really stayed was the trust the organization already had in me when they handed over the project and people on the first day to get going. Through the span of my 16 years career, I have seen an organization’s lack of faith in the people they recruit and take a lot of time before handing over the work to see if the person would be up to the mark. However, this was not true for Motifworks.

Commitment Towards the Employees

The most valuable part of an organization is its people—the human capital— which is at the core of the organizational strategy. With technologies changing multifold, the focus on the development of human capital is paramount.   

Motifworks‘ commitment to Human Development is quite impressive. I have seen it as a well-structured organization, learning and developing through weekly virtual knowledge sharing sessions on multiple Microsoft technologies. They are encouraging more employees to undergo certifications, and it has proven to be a great way to keep the employees motivated. A good 25% of Data & AI Practice is already Microsoft-certified, and this is just the start.

Colleagues like Family

If all I had seen was not enough, the key aspect was how people bonded like a family. A month in the organization, I have seen how people matter to this organization and are considered family. I have already seen employees being given a breather from the project since the situation required them to spend more time with family.  

The smallest gesture can have the most significant influence, making employees feel valued and needed.

Going Forward

I probably will never forget that I started this phase of my career during such a strange period – a world much different than any of us ever expected. While some changes the workforce is presently witnessing will be embedded and are here to stay, I (and many others like me) will remain committed to finding meaning in beginning a new career chapter in a crisis.   

Ashish Kaul- Motifworks

Ashish Kaul

Delivery Manager – Data, Motifworks

Ashish joined Motifworks as the Delivery Manager – Data. Ashish comes with 16+ years of experience in the IT domain, working in the capacity of a Quality Analyst, Developer, Business Analyst, Project Manager, and Practice Lead, primarily in BFSI Domain.   

Ashish would have made a career in Finance or Marketing, if not IT. He believes that learning and sharing should go together for personal and professional growth.