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Security assessment service

Identify cyber threats with risk assessment services and mitigate IT vulnerabilities

Security assessment service
Every year we read reports on cybercrimes and the huge damages they cause to organizations by attacking their vulnerable IT systems and stealing crucial company data. Some organizations bring such catastrophe on themselves when they don’t realize the importance of cybersecurity or investing in security to safeguard their online IT assets. And then there are some organizations that know the significance of IT security that they appoint Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and set aside security budget every year. Cyber security assessment services help CISOs understand the current security status of their IT environment and provides them recommendations for cybersecurity improvements based on the facts collected.

Cloud deployments such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, have their own level of responsibilities when it comes to security. Depending on the cloud service model there are certain responsibilities which remain with a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and the organization. An organization is responsible for the devices they access over the cloud network, their accounts and identities, and data.

Cloud and technology partners such as Motifworks have deep experience in working with organizations to assess their cybersecurity status and providing insights to stay aware about potential cyber threats. Motifworks offers cyber security assessment consulting to assess an organization’s IT environment and assets that pin-point vulnerabilities and provide insights on addressing these vulnerabilities. Motifworks is a Microsoft Certified Partner to offer comprehensive cybersecurity risk assessment services, and here are the 4 steps we follow to perform the assessment.

Planning – Audit of IT infrastructure to define assessment goals

Data Collection and Scanning – Collecting data by scanning endpoints in network, Azure Active Directory, Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, and Intune

Analysis – Monitoring networks and existing security implementations, along with investments made to optimize and safeguard data

Action Plan – Final report including an action plan and recommendations to prevent future threats and security breaches

In just 1 week, our security risk assessment consultants help organizations understand the IT assets which are at most risk of being targeted by malicious attacks. Cybersecurity assessment provides management summary reports which includes company’s security maturity level score, scan findings, investment in security, and recommended products to improve overall security of all IT systems. Motifworks operate closely with customers to understand their current security state and take one step at a time to provide actionable recommendations and cost minimization opportunities through IT security assessment services.

Need full visibility of vulnerabilities in your IT environment?

Perform a cybersecurity assessment with Motifworks to safeguard your business assets and data