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USA’s Leading Insurance Solutions Provider gains Digital Supremacy by migrating on Azure

Motifworks Boosts Platform Modernization initiative of an Insurance Solutions Provider through Azure Migration

USA’s leading provider of cloud-native analytics software for insurance carriers, brokers, and MGAs, empowers insurance organizations to capitalize on new opportunities by delivering the world’s most configurable and easy-to-use software. Through combined deep understanding of the insurance business and technology expertise into a singular focus, this IT provider offers customers innovative and flexible property & casualty solutions. 

To continuously offer prospects, policyholders, producers, and service partners the best engagement experience, the insurer wished for advanced digital capabilities to offer personalized customer service. By trusting Motifworks’ capabilities on Azure, the customer confidently migrated their on-premise data center on Azure through Azure Migration & Modernization Program (AMMP). 

Domain: Finance​

Emp Size: 500-1000

Headquarters: USA Flag Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Business Drivers and Objectives

Reducing legacy investment and modernizing infrastructure

The insurance industry continuously evolves because it is purely a customer-driven environment where customer preferences and expectations change frequently. This insurer consistently adopted technologies that helped them improve operational processes, gain speed to market, and create tailored solutions for unique customer requirements.

But recently, it was getting difficult for the insurer to keep up with the customer demands because they were running their business applications on on-premise infrastructure which was limiting their agility and speed of service delivery. On top of this, they also wished to move on to new technologies which can help them reduce costs related to infrastructure investments.

And so, to achieve their business and IT goals the insurer turned to cloud and cloud-native solutions which are assured to offer increased business efficiency while also eliminating IT costs. They then identified Microsoft Azure cloud migration as the first step towards transforming their current IT environment.

Below listed are some of the customer’s IT objectives they wanted to achieve on Azure

Leveraging Azure Native IaaS Services

Next step to Modernize the environment by moving to a PaaS service on Azure

Eliminating Administrative overhead on-prem customer Environments

Addressing Cloud Skills Gap with automation and IaaS​ ​

Improving security posture, uptime/availability to meet risk averse customer requirements

Achieving Operational efficiencies through standardization/simplification​ ​

Reducing Cost and Increase Cloud Adoption Velocity to strategically align with their customers’ cloud adoption initiatives

Motifworks Solution and Approach

Infrastructure Migration and Application Modernization on Azure

The insurer wanted to partner with an Azure specialist that has proven knowledge and experience in developing cloud solutions for FinTech enterprises. That is when Motifworks came into the picture. With our Microsoft Gold Partner capabilities in Cloud Platform and Application Development, it was an easy choice for the insurer to choose Motifworks as their preferred technology partner to successfully migrate and modernized business applications on Azure. 

Clearly defined in the customer’s IT goals, they had planned to migrate 240 servers and existing business applications on Azure. Motifworks approached these requirements by creating a Solutions Assessment for Data & Infrastructure Migration and Application Modernization, which states the level of IT maturity and the steps required to move on Azure. 

AI/ML capabilities

Power BI

Visual Analytics

Azure Databricks

Azure Synapse Analytics

Motifworks Solution and Approach
Infrastructure Migration and Application Modernization on Azure

To help the insurer successfully migrate their IT environment on Azure, Motifworks designed and developed a strategic roadmap leveraging the right kind of technologies. Through a strategic roadmap which was put forward before the insurer’s leadership team, Motifworks assured them the right technologies and tools will be utilized to successfully migrate their IT environment on Azure.

Motifworks ensured that all the fundamental elements in place such as defining future state of the cloud services that are availed and ensuring governance & compliance requirements are met, so that the customer can stay on track to achieve their 2022 growth initiatives.

We prepared a complete action plan to enable their data center migration through an in-house tool by including Azure profiles for both “As Built” and “Right-Sized” data to estimate consumption for licensing, contractor, or procurement options.

The initial approach to the migration was to replicate the virtual machines from on-premise to the cloud. But mid-way through the design phase a decision was made to set-up net new virtual machines with the latest operating system on the cloud and deploy the applications on these. To mitigate impact to schedule with this change in direction, the Team decided to use Terraform CAF module and deploy all services at scale.


Reducing Infrastructure Footprint and Building Cloud-native Applications

The eight-week engagement project began with an in-depth action plan for Azure Migration. With that in order, Motifworks supported their Cost/Value Justification by developing an interactive Power BI Dashboard for Actionable Insights. We hosted CAF Strategy and Planning workshops to align business narrative with tactical outputs while building the landing zone to accelerate migration.

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