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At Motifworks, we are AZURESMART. We are one of the fastest-growing cloud solutions providers, specializing in Cloud Adoption, Application Innovation, and Effective Data Strategies. Our passion is to empower you to accelerate your digital transformation initiatives using the Microsoft Azure cloud. We’re here to simplify your path to explore what’s possible.

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200 W Townsontown Blvd, Suite 300D, Towson, MD, 21204, US

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Philadelphia ¦ Detroit ¦ Dallas ¦ Florida ¦ Cincinnati ¦ Ohio

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101 Specialty Business Center, Balewadi Road, Pune- 411045, Maharashtra, India

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info@motifworks.com +1 443-424-2340
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5 tips to crack our interview

5 Tips to crack our Interviews

5 Tips to crack our Interviews

The 5 most significant interview tips and traits to secure your employment chances in Motifworks

Interview is the most critical aspect to increase your chances of working here in Motifworks. And once thing we can mutually agree on it is a two-way process.

Our interview objective is to understand you as a professional and as a person. We do not judge you. We only judge our ability to leverage your unique strengths, skills, experience, and motivations. We don’t approve or reject you. We only decide if we feel confident about being able to offer you opportunities that leverage your presence and provide you engaging work.

You can help us tremendously in this process. Please read through the 5 tips we have for you. In return, we promise you a fulfilling interview experience, irrespective of the outcome.

1. Research Us and About Our Job

It’s important for us that you have a good idea about the kind of company we are, what does your job entail, what will your typical day or week look like.
You can find sufficient details about us in public domain. Our websites are a good starting point. We are also active on major social sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also find reviews about us on Google, Ambition Box and Glassdoor.

There is a possibility that this research doesn’t excite you about working with us and makes you stop the conversation early. That’s OK. We want you to invest your time in talking to us only if you feel super excited about the prospect of working with us.

For details specific to the job, please study the job description. If you don’t have one, ask your recruiter to provide.

2. Be Prepared with suitable environment & equipment

Almost every blog or article on interview tips talks about the importance of being in time, dressing to impress, being in the interview mode and presenting yourself well. However, in the post covid world, when all interviews are happening virtually, preparation has taken a different meaning.

All our interviews are conducted on Microsoft Teams meetings. Be prepared:

  • With suitable audio environment
  • To be on video
  • To get recorded
  • To code or create a small, relevant work product
  • To share your screen

If you are not sure about all this, please ask us to reschedule the interview to another time more suitable for you. We are perfectly fine with rescheduling the discussion if it helps us having an enriching interaction with you. Our interviewers might thank you for getting back that time on their calendars :).

3. Be Yourself and enjoy the discussion

Beyond the 30/60 minutes of interview, we might end up spending a lot of hours with each other. We can understand each other most accurately if we act and behave like we normally do.

You’ll find our interviewers very conversational. Our attempt is to simulate the post-joining work environment as closely as possible. While English is the primary language to conduct business at Motifworks, we don’t mind infrequently shifting to other languages like Hindi, Marathi or any other language common between you and the interviewer. You might also find us crack a joke or share a story.

We’ll be delighted to see you be yourself. Relax. Focus. Make the most of the discussion.

4: Be Precise with your responses

“Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler” – Einstein

one-word, super short answers do not help us get the full context. Also, long drawn, minute details about your project may not be relevant to us. Listen to the question carefully and then understand the intent of the question. If you didn’t understand the question or its intent, you can ask us to repeat or re-phrase the question.

In your response, try to do justice to the intent of the question. The more you help us understand you, the greater your chances of hitting it well with us. Being able to communicate well is as important as your technical expertise

5: Be Clear about what you want

The clearer you are about what you want, the greater your chances of making an impression on us. It can be anything – more money, international customers, flexible hours, option to work from home, better work life harmony, opportunities for professional growth, stress-free project, supportive managers, better HR policies, more talented co-workers, better brand name, relocating to a different city, work on Cloud and Azure etc.

All of these are frequent and common reasons for people to join us. However, not all of these maybe possible to achieve together. There are variations across projects and also at different stages of the project. The more information you share about your top concerns, the more we can help you decide if the position under discussion will address these or not.

We also provide time for you to ask questions in all our interviews. The kind of questions you ask tells us a lot about your top concerns. So, have few good questions ready for us.

All the best!