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IoT in oil and gas customer story

An Azure-based IoT Oil and Gas Solution Eliminated Operational Downtime and Increased Fuel Delivery Efficiency

An Azure-based IoT Oil and Gas Solution Eliminated Operational Downtime and Increased Fuel Delivery Efficiency

IoT in oil and gas customer story


To run smoothly, hydraulic fracturing operations require a continuous supply of fuel.  However, traditional frac site fueling is a labor-intensive and hazardous process.  The resulting downtime represents a loss of revenue, as well as the loss of human lives.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 183 oil and gas workers died in 2014, up from 112 fatalities in 2013.

That’s because fueling technicians must navigate through a congested well pad near high-pressure pumping equipment, referred to as the “hot zone.”  They must also reconnect hoses to each piece of equipment, which routinely halts frac site operations until the fueling process is complete.

Azure-based IoT Oil and Gas Solution

Through our AzureSmart approach, Motifworks’ experts created an IoT in oil and gas solution for a customer using Azure IoT Hub and Stream Analytics that eliminates operational downtime, provides a consistent fuel supply, and keeps technicians safely outside the “hot zone.”

The Fuel Automation Station unit has 20 hoses for simultaneous fueling. The unit is also equipped with fuel level sensors, temperature sensors, and pressure sensors that send data to Azure IoT Hub through a 4G enabled Raspberry Pi kit installed inside each unit. The fuel-level sensors send the data every second – and temperature and pressure sensors data is received every 5 seconds.

Using a web-based dashboard, the operators can remotely (and safely) monitor tank and fuel levels as well as identify equipment engine problems in real time.


  • Safely delivered first 1 million gallons of fuel
  • Limit employee exposure to the hazardous zone
  • Eliminated operational downtime
  • Increased efficiency


Most of the IoT data collected is not used at all or exploited far below potential. By using ready-to-use solutions such IoT oil and gas solution, you can accelerate IoT projects and take advantage of data-based predictive analytics in real-time basis. Azure IoT Suite truly addresses business needs and improves overall business functions.

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