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IoT supply chain

Ship more cargo with IoT supply chain to lower costs

Ship more cargo and reduce logistics costs with IoT supply chain

IoT supply chain
Ever wonder if there’s a magic formula that could dramatically reduce your costs, improve profit margins, and drive more value to end-users?

We’re positive there’s no magic formula, however, we know that the cloud and related technologies can certainly help!

Optimizing business operations using IoT supply chain can streamline processes and improve quality of transport.

High-speed communication and agility among various business operations gives greater visibility, improves efficiency, reduces cost and improves ROI.

Ok, but what’s so different about Azure IoT?

Previously companies used to attach sensors to trucks in order to track location.  They would then use the stored data to improve their business processes.

With cloud adoption, organizations can store, process and share data – all in real-time. And, when appropriate, share the information with third parties quickly and easily.

GPS systems are more powerful than ever when combined with analytics and connected devices.  With a little know how the analytics software can analyze routes and driver behavior to suggest ways to optimize fuel consumption and idle time. Trucks can connect to systems that generate interstate fuel tax reports and other forms for Government authorities.

How does IoT supply chain impact the logistics industry?

A typical IoT ecosystem often consists of at least one moving device which is in constant contact with other devices, continuously sending location and related data.

Based on location data being continuously analyzed, Azure IoT can alert app owners whether the cargo will reach destination on time or not, or if the freight’s security is in danger. If there are any potential barriers, truck drivers will be also be notified.

How can Microsoft Azure IoT be used?

  • Eliminate the need to count products manually in warehouses
  • Determine new ways or more cost effective ways of shipping freight including drone delivery
  • Prediction of demand at each point of sale
  • Creating shorter modification cycles of orders in production
  • Creating the ability to maintain an optimum inventory

A Practical Example

A major Seattle-based online merchant gives 3rd parties access to their cloud-based Order Management System (OMS) to communicate with other commercially available OMS for a small usage fee. IoT supply chain enables companies to adopt direct-to-consumer sales, e.g. accept and process orders in quantities as small as one.

Motifworks believes that IoT will become one of the most disruptive trends in the Supply Chain and Logistics industry by 2020.

Motifworks helps supply chain and logistics enterprises of all sizes by creating Azure IoT enabled applications that optimize operations. These apps reduce the need for human intervention, thereby reducing the chance of errors and improving the decision-making process.

Optimize supply chain management and logistics processes with Azure IoT.

Our experts create cutting-edge IoT solutions that empower your with data-driven decision making