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Kubernetes consulting service

Kubernetes deployment strategy to migrate apps on AKS

Develop high-level Kubernetes Deployment Strategy to Containerize and Migrate apps to Azure Kubernetes Service

Kubernetes Deployment Strategy
Today’s business demands resilient applications that can align functionalities with real-time market demands. Advanced technologies have made it simpler for organizations to modernize their existing business applications to match the ever-growing and ever-changing customer demands.

Applications that have complex built and run on legacy infrastructures limit an organization’s capability to efficiently deliver services to the end user. Lack of flexibility in an application eventually impacts the business as the user experience decides the fate of the brand based on how effectively the services were consumed.

And so, to consistently grow the business and enrich the customer experience through end-user applications, organizations are modernizing their applications with the help of newer technologies. One of the most preferred techniques in app modernization is virtualization of apps through containerization technology and kubernetes deployment strategy. Kubernetes consulting service providers engage with organizations by first assessing their digital maturity on cloud and how experienced they are with container technologies.

Applications that are built in containers run in isolated user spaces and use the host operating system (OS) of the infrastructure it is configured upon. A container includes binaries, libraries, and configuration files (such a package is also called as Container Image) which are important for an application to function, which makes containers a fully packaged computing environment.

The main benefit of containerized applications is that it is extremely easy to host a container image in different hosting environments. Regardless of the cloud platform and it’s native OS, the portability characteristic of containers allows them to run seamlessly on any host environment. This happens due to the consistent and standardized environment containerization of an application provides.

Now the main question arises about how to manage these containers that run in cloud environments. Container orchestration tools available to organizations give them flexibility to ship application codes, deploy apps, perform load balancing, and automate updates. Kubernetes – an open-source container orchestration tool, is the most excellent tool among all other tools for container management.

The top 3 cloud service providers in the world also offer their own Kubernetes services and Microsoft Azure is one of them, that offers Azure Kubernetes Service(AKS) for container orchestration. With AKS, engineers can deploy managed Kubernetes cluster on Azure through prebuilt cluster configurations. AKS is a great tool for software developers to develop modern applications on Azure.

Sometimes when organizations choose to containerize their existing monolithic applications, it gets complex for them to devise a technical strategy that aligns with their organizational goals. In such cases, organizations and IT heads require Kubernetes migration consulting to follow a well-defined strategy while moving to containers and Kubernetes. Kubernetes consultants then design a roadmap and provide recommendations for efficiently migrating production-grade applications to Kubernetes.

With the right certifications and skills, Kubernetes engineers take a tailored approach while working with any organization. Each organization has its own vision surrounding Kubernetes deployment strategy and what they are trying to achieve through containerized application.

Looking to containerize and migrate your apps to AKS?

Our Kubernetes consultants help you gain superior agility with containerized apps