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Oil and Gas industry

Leading Fuel Supply and Logistics Company Innovates for Digital Transformation Using Azure Platform

About Our Customer:

Founded in 1985, our customer, a leading national fuel supply, logistics & services company, delivers over 1 billion gallons of fuel annually to customers in 47 states.

  • INDUSTRY: Oil & Gas, Logistics
  • COMPANY SIZE: 500+ Employees
  • COMPANY REVENUE: $2 Billion
  • LOCATION: Detroit, Michigan, USA



Business Problem: Inaccurate, Time Intensive, Inefficient Manual Processes

1. Our customer’s vision is to transform their business and eliminate, strengthen or modernize their processes that are not efficient.

2. Complex and lengthy billing cycle due to paper-based and manual processing of details about their different fuel products.

3. Fuel thefts, inaccurate billing and no easy way to reconcile fuel supply vs fuel sold.

4. No clear visibility and any easy way to track the fuel distribution trucks on a job site.


Our Solution: Fully Automated IoT Solution Using Azure IoT Hub

1. To achieve Company’s vision of business transformation, Motifworks solution included creating a foundation by using Internet of Things (IoT) technology enabling real-time data access from Job Sites, Trucks and PLC devices.

2. The Billing Automation solution, built on Azure IoT Hub, Stream Analytics and Azure PaaS services, eliminates the need of any manual intervention at any step of the entire billing process.

3. The solution provides single-pane view into all trucks deployed at different job sites nationwide.


  • Azure Cloud Platform
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • Stream Analytics
  • Azure App Service
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure SQL Database
  • MongoDB
  • Power BI Embedded


The End Results: Driving Automation and Data Driven Decision

1. Same day Billing and invoice generation from 7 days. Real time and Automated Update of back-end ERP resulting into minimizing revenue loss due to inaccurate calculations.

2. Live Truck statuses helps with better planning, effective utilization of Trucks and minimize downtime.

3. Minimized TCO and Faster Time to Market with automation over Azure Cloud Platform and a strong foundation to continue the digital journey.



About Motifworks:

Motifworks is a Cloud Solutions company that helps enterprises and small to midsize businesses utilize Microsoft Azure cloud services for infrastructure, application innovation and analytics.