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Big data consulting for manufacturing

Electric manufacturing success story that implemented modern data analytics solution

Leveraging manufacturing analytics to
enable dynamic, self-service reporting

Electric equipment manufacturer enables data-driven productivity with modern data platform and Power BI.

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Hauppauge, New York

Spellman is the world’s leading independent supplier of precision DC high voltage power supplies, X-Ray generators and Monoblock® X-Ray sources for medical, industrial and scientific applications. They have played a leading role in the development and production of advanced HV power conversion products. They work with customers to create customized supplies to best suit each individual company’s needs.

Spellman was looking to better manage the investments made in in-stock inventory across all manufacturing, distribution, and servicing locations around the world. By improving data quality issues, By improving data quality issues, consolidate the data, and apply various regional cost calculation computations, Spellman was looking to enable manufacturing analytics to carryout dynamic, self-service reporting. With Power BI and Azure Synapse Analytics, the organization wanted to empower its workforce, enable expansive capabilities to its legacy systems and build dynamic reporting.

“I was impressed with their ability to gain an understanding of our business logic. They are thorough and asked good, pointed, questions about our content and business objectives.”

Joseph Terrano

Director of ERP Systems

Addressing business challenges with manufacturing analytics

Spellman, like any manufacturing entity needed to keep a close eye on inventory trends across their distribution cycle while enabling accurate forecasting and on-time delivery tracking. ​

Without transforming these data points into dynamic actionable insights, it was difficult to manage its business expectations. Thus, they needed a reliable technology partner who could understand these challenges as well as foresee scalability opportunities and help them develop a dynamic, user-friendly solution.

Business Challenges and Requirements

Decentralized systems without dynamic reporting sparks need for
interactive data visualization and modern data platform

Absence of dynamic reporting in the existing ERP system that manages inventory

Difficulty in gaining complete visibility due to disparate data sources.​

Lack of automation hindering inventory trends resulting in inaccurate forecasting​

Lack of relevant attributes and datapoints for generating on-time delivery tracking
for supply chain teams​

Inability to compute regional to global cost conversion

Spellman manufacturing analytics


Engineering a self-serving dashboard through Power BI and
Azure Synapse Analytics

To overcome these challenges and build on these capabilities, Spellman identified its key objectives: enable accurate forecasting with a global view and build a reliable self-service reporting capabilities through manufacturing analytics.

Motifworks helped Spellman build Azure data platform. Motifworks created a global view of inventory data across all locations using Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI consulting services. The Azure platform and Data Factory could ingest data and apply various scrubbing and cleansing routines to create a certified data view.

Azure solutions for manufacturing analytics

By using Azure Analysis Services, Motifworks created various aggregates and hierarchical structures needed for dynamic view across time and other dimensions.

Finally, Power BI was used as visualization and information delivery portal where stakeholders across the organization were able to create and consume reports seamlessly. The inventory warehouse paved the foundation for the Modern data platform for other business functions. The Azure data platform allowed the flexibility to scale the solution without upfront investments. This solution was time saving, cost effective, and valuable.

Spellman manufacturing analytics Azure architecture

Diagrammatic Representation of modern data analytics solution for electric manufacturing enterprise​


An integrated, intelligent and innovative environment to improve data quality
and maximize productivity

Transitioning from decentralized processes to self-serving analytics enabled Spellman to optimize their in-stock inventory, avoid underselling/overselling, reduce overhead costs. Moreover, the procurement leaders were able improve forecasting cost valuations with better accuracy and manufacturing analytics. reover, the procurement leaders were able improve forecasting cost valuations with better accuracy. This new level of visibility has given Spellman a platform to shift towards:

A fast, data-enabled decision-making delivering information at everyone’s fingertip.​
Increased knowledge of data and business systems
Increased productivity of report authors and technology staff

Tracking data became a focal point for Spellman’s enhanced productivity. Power BI and Synapse Analytics increased their data reliability, speed of operations and eliminate redundant transactions. As a result of this solution, they were able to gain confidence on their business-specific systems and productivity applications. This yielded a greater impact on their decision-making capabilities putting their senior leaders at ease and help them focus on strategic business initiatives.

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