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IoT solutions for manufacturing

Maximize productivity with connected data by implementing IoT in manufacturing

IoT solutions for manufacturing
The evolution of manufacturing industry has seen various advancements due to the technological shift that has positively impacted manufacturing processes and financial performance. Organizations are leveraging IoT in manufacturing to build smart factory as they are embedding sensors in multiple areas of their factory to capture data and get greater visibility in processes.

Organizations that operate in Microsoft Azure environment and have multiple manufacturing units across different geographical regions, have implemented Azure Cosmos DB as their preferred database. What is unique about this database is that it is world’s first globally distributed database service that always offers comprehensive latency and availability.

Motifworks takes a well-planned approach while build a data platform on Azure, and to do that we leverage our in-house developed framework – AzureSmart IoT Accelerator. This IoT accelerator focuses on eliminating high system maintenance and operational cost challenges. With an IoT perspective, implementing Cosmos DB, and embracing the Azure ecosystem, we help organizations become smart manufacturers by successfully building a smart factory.

Grouping the above points and linking them with Motifworks’ Azure capabilities for the manufacturing industry, we’ll take a closer look at one specific use case where our expertise help organizations maximize their ROI.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Edge Data Integration

Manufacturing organizations still use outdated MES systems due to which they fail to capture data, that results in data silos, low quality data, and low speed of business. Outdated MES systems constrain an organization’s ability to holistically visualize operations at all plants and take required action on it. Even when they want to measure manufacturing productivity by analyzing OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), organizations experience lack of insights on process improvement. By using Motifworks’ AzureSmart IoT Accelerator in this scenario, we can identify and analyze the edge data that flows from the sensors and other streaming services. Deploying our industrial IoT accelerator, gives an organization a measurable result and the outcome they expect from their MES system.

At Motifworks, we believe in applying accurate KPIs and we do that through knowledge transfer session with customers where we understand their investments and how their ERP systems and other components interact with each other. To find opportunities for cost reduction through AzureSmart IoT framework, we align the best market trends and Azure solutions. Motifworks cloud architects offers interoperable data and AI technologies for utilizing the right data to take the right decisions.

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