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On-premise to cloud migration process

Innovate on Azure with on-premise to cloud migration

Choose on premise to cloud migration to operate in an agile and innovative environment

on-premise to cloud migration process

Cloud adoption has picked up tremendous pace over the last couple of years due to the compelling benefits cloud computing offers businesses. The IT capabilities and the costs associated with on premise to cloud migration gives decision makers the confidence to grow their business by leveraging such technology. Thus, some organizations take various routes to migrate on cloud depending on what level of IT modernization they want to achieve.

One of the strategies that an organization can choose while migrating on cloud is Rehosting, which involves using Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provided by a Cloud Service Provider (CSP). In this migration strategy, the organization works with a CSP to redeploy all their data assets and business applications on a cloud server. There are lot of strategies, decisions, and planning processes involved which surround the actual requirement of an organization because the CSP needs to understand the end goal before helping them migrate on cloud.

While migrating infrastructure on cloud, a CSP such as Motifworks helps an organization get rid of their legacy infrastructure (mainly used as in-house/On-Premises data center) and offers onsite or offshore based engineers who can help them migrate on cloud. These engineers are also responsible for managing and maintaining an organization’s physical infrastructure (network appliances, servers, power, network connectivity to data center, etc.) So, when a customer chooses to move on cloud, their CSP is responsible for managing everything (Microsoft in case of Azure) which allows the customer to focus and invest their time on growing their business.

Some challenges faced during on premise to cloud migration

Choosing a CSP is an important process for any organization before on premise to cloud migration because the service provider should be able to design appropriate migration roadmap and design a solution that is cost efficient. For a CSP, working with different organizations is always a new experience as they design unique solutions for unique requirements. Sometimes, it can even get challenging while migrating an organization’s data center infrastructure on cloud due to challenges such as network latency, Server compatibility issue, replication issues, hardware dependencies, etc.

When a customer has low internet bandwidth, connecting their on-premises data center to the cloud is a challenge as the data transfer takes considerably more time which also impacts the overall timeline for cloud migration. Thus, it is important for the CSP and the customer to work in collaboration to overcome the challenges and understand what are the roadblocks that is stopping them from achieving the desired solution on cloud.

on premise to cloud migration business case

What can be gained through infrastructure migration

Mentioned earlier in this blog, when an organization choose on premise to cloud migration, they can focus on their core business rather than investing time in managing and maintaining their data center. When an organization moves their infrastructure on cloud, they eliminate the need to procure physical IT assets and the time it takes to setup. After cloud adoption, organizations experience lower IT investments as they no longer need to procure anything and do not need a big IT team to manage their IT infrastructure.

As infrastructure migration to cloud leads to complete organizational transformation, there are numerous technologies on cloud which can be adopted to open new doors and boost business growth. On a robust cloud infrastructure, an organization can automate processes and reduce the time spent of building applications and services. Even the implementation speed of these services and applications is increased on cloud, which translates in improved business performance and faster delivery of services to the end customer.

on premise to cloud migration use case

How can Motifworks help you migrate on Azure

Motifworks is gold certified Microsoft partner for Azure Services. We are certified Microsoft partner for AMP (Azure Migration Program) Windows & SQL Migration, AKS (Azure Kubernetes Services), and Application Modernizations. Motifworks has experienced and certified onsite and offshore engineers who are involved in migration projects as per the customer requirements to ensure a successful cloud transformation journey.

Motifworks has expertise in Microsoft’s CAF (Cloud Adoption Framework) program through which we help customer with end-to-end cloud transformation journey. CAF consists of assessing the customers on-premises workload and giving the recommendations to the customer with best practices to move their workload to cloud. In short, we can help customer with their end-to-end migration journey as a trusted cloud partner.

Motifworks Vishal Sharma

Vishal Sharma Linkedin

Sr. Manager | Azure Infra/DevOps | Motifworks

Vishal is an Infrastructure Services Practice lead at Motifworks. He works closely with customers to understand their requirements on cloud, and strategically helps them achieve their business goals. Vishal has expertise in Enterprise level solution designing and has assisted customers by developing business continuity plans on Azure. He believes in Automation first approach when it comes to Azure implementations & Landing zone setup. Terraform templates are preferred and used by him and his team for Azure Deployments to achieve automation first approach.

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