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Modernize legacy applications

Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) adopts Microsoft Azure to Modernize Legacy Applications

Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) adopts Microsoft Azure to Modernize Legacy Applications

Modernize legacy applications

About Our Customer:

Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA)  represents the labor, policy, and professional interests of 187,000 public school teachers and education support professionals.

Industry: Non-Profit Education Management

Company Size: 150+ Employees

Location: Harrisburg, PA, USA

Business Problem: Cumbersome and Outdated Business Workflow Application

1. Collective Bargaining System (CBS) built over Excel and Access needed to be constantly patched with new Microsoft updates.

2. As CBS can be updated once in a year, most data that it serves was outdated.

3. Accessing data out of CBS was a complex and cumbersome process with multiple spreadsheet, and a legacy mainframe in the backend.

4. A busy internal programming team did not have the bandwidth to tackle a new development project.

Our Solution:  Modernize the CBS with Azure Cloud Power BI

1. Motifworks helped PSEA modernize legacy applications by developing a cloud-based solution using Microsoft Azure technologies and Power BI.

2. Migrated the CBS and the other related modules, such as the Health Care Module, into a single application.

3. Designed a custom interface to securely connect to mainframe data.

4. After delivering Power BI consulting services, PSEA’s modernized application was rudimentarily ready to perform sophisticated analytics.


  • Azure App Service
  • Power BI Premium
  • Azure SQL Database
  • AngularJS
  • ASP.NET, C#
  • Data Gateway

The End Result: Cloud Modernized Application, Streamlined Workflow and Connected Data

1. Improved access to up to date data allows PSEA to bargain contracts with the fairest possible compensation for members.

2. Following PSEA’s decision to modernize legacy applications, now their web-based application provides anytime, anywhere access to local associations preparing to begin the collective bargaining process.

3. Improved visualization and reporting capability enables stakeholders to create cross-module reports for deeper analysis and negotiation tactics.

About Motifworks:

Motifworks is a Cloud Solutions company that helps enterprises and small to midsize businesses utilize Microsoft Azure cloud services for infrastructure, application innovation and analytics. Motifworks has proven expertise in helping enterprises reimagine their data platforms by offering trusted Power BI Consulting services.

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