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At Motifworks, we are AZURESMART. We are one of the fastest-growing cloud solutions providers, specializing in Cloud Adoption, Application Innovation, and Effective Data Strategies. Our passion is to empower you to accelerate your digital transformation initiatives using the Microsoft Azure cloud. We’re here to simplify your path to explore what’s possible.

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200 W Townsontown Blvd, Suite 300D, Towson, MD, 21204, US

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Philadelphia ¦ Detroit ¦ Dallas ¦ Florida ¦ Cincinnati ¦ Ohio

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101 Specialty Business Center, Balewadi Road, Pune- 411045, Maharashtra, India

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info@motifworks.com +1 443-424-2340
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Power BI Consulting Services

Microsoft Power BI has been the most popular BI and analytics tool that offers organizations data reporting and visualization capabilities. Power BI is an ideal tool for organizations that are experiencing a growing need of utilizing their data smartly and discovering hidden insights.

Power BI Logo

Get expert help from our trusted Power BI Consulting Partner

Motifworks is among the few experienced Power BI consulting companies that have helped organizations adopt Power BI and become data smart businesses. Our experts develop BI implementation strategy and creates custom visualization dashboards based to achieve real-time business intelligence. Expedite Data & BI Initiative with unified approach to manage enterprise BI project.

Successfully adopt Power BI with well-defined roadmap, strategy, and BI experts

Build a scalable data warehouse to rapidly generate insights in real-time

Data Analytics & Reporting

Boost advanced analytics initiatives by integrating superior technologies and Data Analytics Consulting services

Develop engaging and informative Power BI dashboards that inspires action

Motifworks Power BI consulting helped industry leaders achieve BI capabilities

Our Microsoft certified Power BI consultant works with leading enterprises that wish to transform their data into visuals for capturing business insights. Motifworks Power BI developers built custom solutions that offer advanced analytics to make informed business decisions.

Utility management company

Enterprise Analytics Platform

Project Summary:

Built a data analytics platform for financial and operation analysis

Project Duration
18+ months

Engagement Type Extended Delivery Team

Team Size
5-6 members

Energy and Utilities

Technology Stack

Case Study technology stack
Chemical manufacturing giant

Fleet Safety Analytics Solution

Project Summary:

Cloud-based analytics platform to discover fleet safety on unified dashboard

Project Duration
20+ months

Engagement Type Extended Delivery Team

Team Size
8-10 members


Technology Stack

Technology Stack Fleet Safety Analytics Solution ​
Lending and credit service provider

Credit Risk Navigator Platform

Project Summary:

Built an analytical tool to measure commercial loan performance

Project Duration
9+ months

Engagement Type
Extended Delivery Team

Team Size
10-12 members

Financial Services

Technology Stack

Credit Risk Navigator Platform - Technology stack

Enabling organizations with PROVEN BI Development process and framework

To build the best Power BI solution for your enterprise, Microsoft Power BI consultant and Azure certified developers work with you to understand your business intelligence needs. Our team develops custom and intuitive dashboards that empowers teams to make faster and intelligent decisions.

Power BI Development Process

Power BI Accelerated Development Program

A unique service model that allows your business organization to utilize Azure expertise on demand.
​This cost-effective approach provides high-value high-impact access to Power BI and Azure Data Services expertise.

We are empowering enterprises to create a data environment with Azure services

Enterprises are building a data culture and empowering their workforce to innovate more with Microsoft Power BI consulting services. Embedding Power BI with various data solutions on Azure provides organizations with a modern analytics and visualization environment.

Power BI Sales Performance Dashboard
Power BI Sales Performance Dashboard

Make insights-driven decisions faster with Azure Synapse Analytics

With organizations moving towards a data-driven culture, analytics and AI have become important tools to accelerate time to insight, reduce costs, and maximize ROI. Our team of Azure experts will integrate your data from multiple sources, bring together the entire analytics ecosystem, deliver insights faster, and transform decision-making leveraging Azure Synapse Analytics.

Since Power BI and Azure Synapse are natively integrated, our team will develop the best solutions that help you bring data into every part of your organization in a simple, unified, and scalable experience. We will work alongside your BI specialists and data professionals, to build, manage, and optimize analytics pipelines, using a variety of skillsets and in multiple industries, using Azure Synapse.

Power BI Loan Risk Dashboard

Power BI Embedded Lets you Bring Data to Life – Quickly and Effectively

Whether you are looking to shift to self-service models or want the best in-class analytics for your apps, Power BI embedded is the answer. Our team of Power BI consultants & experts, create, develop, and deploy data visualizations directly into custom apps and webpages, leveraging this powerful and cost-effective Microsoft Azure service offering. We utilize the full power of embedding so that you can share interactive and meaningful dashboards and reports within your organization or customers.

When you use Power BI Embedded on Azure, its API makes it easy to embed analytics, even if you’ve already designed your app. We help you choose the best way to visualize data and optimize the dashboards for various platforms leveraging Power BI embedded. Keep all user information secure by managing the identity and authentication on your end.

Power BI Loan Risk Dashboard
Power BI Charts
Power BI Charts

Discover full potential of data, ELT processes, and ML initiatives with Azure Databricks

For organizations dealing in massive volumes of data – structured, unstructured, and streaming, Apache® Spark™-based Azure Databricks helps analyze the data efficiently and securely, unlock insights, and build effective AI solutions.

Our team of data engineers use Azure Databricks to integrate and scale ML projects on a single platform. We leverage Databrick’s interactive notebooks to seamlessly and securely collaborate using popular languages such as R, Python, Scala, and SQL and create powerful ML models. Our focus is to use Databricks and Power BI to transform data and get insights through analytical dashboards and operational reports.

Power BI Screens

Azure Machine Learning for high-value, high-impact predictions

While advanced/predictive analytics bring massive opportunities, it also brings along like collecting vast volume of data, accessing it on demand, and deploying new ML models in production systems that require months of engineering investments. Our Power BI experts leverage this comprehensive, cloud-based, advanced/predictive analytics platform, for building and operationalizing your ML models, effectively and efficiently.

Our Big Data consulting offers end-to-end predictive analytics solutions, follow proven methodology and algorithms to build the most reliable models, so that your business is able to determine, in a probabilistic way, what will happen in the future and stay ahead of the competition.

Power BI Screens

Meet our Azure Data & Power BI Experts

Helping deploy scalable, and high performing ​Power BI solutions across the Enterprise

Data and BI Strategy – Strategic view to go from hindsight to insight to foresight 

Rapid Development Build solutions in days with the help of certified developers & engineers

Enterprise-wide Power BI adoption Deliver BI to every employee within the organization

Governance and Management Set up the correct security, governance and best practices to manage the environment 

Tushar Lavalekar, Vice President of IT of Koppers

“Motifworks was the ideal company because they had the flexibility to adjust timing, budget, plans and ideas. They brought in a variety of talent, resources and skillsets that could be scaled up or down as we needed. We knew they would deliver.“

Tushar Lavalekar,
Vice President of IT, Koppers Inc.


Trusted by Enterprises & HighTech firms

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I build an Extended Power BI team?

Choosing Extended Delivery Center (EDC) offers enterprises skilled Power BI developers in the form of extended Power BI team that consist of multiple personnel each with a defined role. This extended team can work onsite and offsite and follow structured and well-defined processes to quickly help you with Power BI deployment.

How to choose the Power BI Consulting Partner?

One of the first steps you need to take is look for the partner’s track record and successful customer case studies. When you engage with a partner, you should even ask them for past portfolios and few customer references to gain better clarity on the experience and expertise the partner carries.

What is the engagement model for Power BI Consulting Services?

Enterprises have the option to choose an engagement model when they go for Power BI consulting services, to work with only role-specific experts they require for their Power BI implementation. Data heads can pick Dedicated Remote Team, Project-based Engagement, or Professional Staffing option under engagement models to build a flexible team of certified developers.