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Healthcare Products Packaging Company

A healthcare packaging company implements Content Management Server on Azure to achieve exceptional Sitecore capabilities

Sitecore Capabilities Realized by Healthcare packaging company

Sitecore capabilities through Sitecore Content Management Server
A leading manufacturer of packaging components and delivery systems for injectable drugs and healthcare products, headquartered in the Mid-Atlantic region with locations throughout the world including Europe and Asia Pacific was looking to standardize their infrastructure and operations.

The Business Challenge: Scalability, User Experience, Reduce Costs

This pharmaceutical company needed a solution that could scale globally. The company also had goals to enhance the user experience to drive higher site traffic for its new corporate website. In conjunction, they needed to deliver a faster and more personalized user experience. Lastly, the IT team wanted to use the hosting infrastructure of Microsoft’s Azure cloud services to reduce costs.

The Solution: Enabling Sitecore Capabilities on Microsoft Azure

Motifworks team designed and implemented a scalable and high-performing multi-region Sitecore deployment using Azure PaaS and IaaS services so that the customer can achieve unparalleled Sitecore capabilities. As part of this initiative Motifworks implemented:

  • Sitecore content delivery in US East and Europe regions
  • Sitecore Management Server for content authoring in East region
  • Designed Sitecore architecture on Azure with goals for high-performance, global reach and easier to maintain
  • Fully automated deployment using ARM templates and PowerShell DSC

The Motifworks Service: Deploying Sitecore environment on Azure

Additionally, Motifworks provided Azure consulting services for architecture design, migration and Azure training focused on:

  • Migrating existing Azure IaaS components from Azure Service Manager (ASM) to Azure Resource Manager (ARM) – V1 to V2
  • Impact analysis on existing ExpressRoute circuit and analyze Azure Networking strategy for v2 resources
  • Defining and documenting Azure Governance strategy which will help the company with show-back / chargeback as well as effectively managing and monitoring Azure resources
  • Implementing role-based access control (RBAC) to ensure secure & limited access to various Azure resources to respective project teams
  • Providing training and deep-dive sessions on using PowerShell for provisioning and interacting with Azure services.

The Results:

Based on the implemented solution, the company achieved global scalability, rapidly scaling to address fluctuations in demand, an improved user experience increasing their website traffic, and removed the roadblocks to achieving full utilization all while reducing overall costs. Azure offered a platform that the company can use to achieve Sitecore capabilities without having to involve internal IT stakeholders.

We are proud that Microsoft Azure will be the platform empowering the company to innovate and collaborate to deliver the range of experiences for its customers.

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