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Customer experience software with DevOps

Think ahead of competition and Deliver Customer-centric Softwares with DevOps

Think ahead of competition and Deliver Customer-centric Softwares with DevOps

Customer experience software with DevOps

One of the key drivers for digital transformation is improving customer experience (CX) through services that are effectively utilized by customers. Creating great customer experience is at the top of every organization’s priority list and they try to achieve this through a variety of ways.

Traditional software development is no longer one of the ways because it fails to keep up with the pace of demand resulting in delays while releasing software updates. And that is why software developers are turning their heads to modern approaches that allows faster software development with strong collaboration.

One of the recent approaches taken by organizations towards improving customer experience has been through DevOps adoption. As DevOps helps software engineering teams improve the overall Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), it can also be used as a tool to fulfil customer demands. This can be simply done by keeping customer demands in mind while setting up variety of DevOps tasks. DevOps service providers that offer DevOps consulting services help enterprises align their software development practices that match evolving customer needs.

When developing a software, developers need to focus on pre monitoring and testing of applications because usually these areas receive less attention at the start of software development. Later, when the softwares are rolled out, the customer feedback about the software’s performance is collected. This goes on back and forth till the time DevOps engineers don’t implement the feedback which also creates poor experience for the customers, as they don’t get to use the software seamlessly.

With a well-planned DevOps strategy, blending CX and DevOps can improve the development process and allows delivery of quicker digital customer experiences. Collaborating teams to share responsibility results in quick delivery of software releases. Automating code build and testing improves feedback on quality and monitoring which enhances team and process productivity.

DevOps engineers carryout multiple CX oriented testing such as functionality, regression and performance testing to ensure speed of delivery. By keeping the customer demands in mind, DevOps developers conduct functionality testing to understand if all the features work as designed. Under regression testing, the software engineers ensure new codes does not affect the existing codes and functionality. And performance testing is aimed at delivering stable omnichannel customer experience through various platforms on which the customer interacts.

Another essential step towards providing a great customer experience through DevOps implementation is integration of DevSecOps. DevSecOps consultants understand the importance of integrating security from the first phase of software development. And so, they help organizations, and their software engineering teams to implement security practices in the entire SDLC.

It is important to follow all these practices and processes when combining CX with DevOps culture. CXDevOps is a relatively new term but it has been prioritized by many organizations since its emergence.

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